GUTEX woodfibre insulates roof and walls

The challenge

Significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building built in 1952, while adding an additional 70 m² of living space and upgrading the exterior appearance of the building. Desired were improved protection against heat, cold, and noise by means of woodfibre insulation, as well as installation of modern energy-using systems, new windows and improved living quality. To increase living space, the client decided on an additional storey.

Our solution

GUTEX Thermowall ETICS and a coat of render insulate and protect the old masonry walls. GUTEX Multitherm insulates the new framed construction, which is covered by vented spruce clapboard siding. The flat roof insulation consists of GUTEX Thermoflat and GUTEX Ultratherm, enhanced by GUTEX Thermoinstal insulation in the service cavities.

Project features

  • Very significant savings on energy thanks to the refurbishment.
  • Insulation and new windows combined with gas-fired condensing heater, 750-litre hot water storage tank and 10 m² solar hot water system.
  • Noticeable improvement in protection against heat ingress thanks to the woodfibre insulation ./li>
  • 120 mm GUTEX Ultratherm delivers excellent acoustic insulation of the roof addition: RW,R = 50 dB; and adds significantly to the home’s comfort.

Construction solutions

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