A brighter future: 10-m long shed dormer addition

The challenge

The homeowners needed to refurbish the 270-square-metre roof to improve its thermal performance. While considering the renovation, it occurred to them that other alterations could drastically upgrade the living standard and permit greater utilisation of the space. The low, sloping roof and little daylight afforded by the original construction had severely impaired use of the space. In addition, the homeowners wanted very effective insulation that would excel in both summer and winter. Finally, there was the beautiful view of the valley, which only large southern facing windows could permit, along with the needed additional daylight. 

Our solution

A new shed dormer with GUTEX Thermoflex® installed between framing and GUTEX Multitherm® sheathed exterior. The plans called for metal siding installed off the sheathing to allow for the movement of air. For the rest of the roof, whose sheathing consisted of the original raw boarding, a diffusion-open breather membrane protects the construction from convective moisture damage. The insulation package of GUTEX Thermosafe-homogen® and the rain- and wind-tight GUTEX Multiplex-top® sarking drastically boosted the structure’s thermal storage capacity.

Project features

Prior to the addition, the apartment under the roof was about 70 m². With the new dormer, there are now 140 m².
Other improvements include a better indoor climate, increased light, higher ceilings and reduced heating costs.  
Wood framed structure (walls) U-value: 0.16 W/m²K and 13.4-hr time lag
Roof U-value: 0.17 W/m²K and 14.8-hr time lag

Construction solutions

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