Wholesome Living

Wholesome is what makes a house a home

Home is a retreat; the place where we can rest and recuperate from stress we encounter during the day. It’s the place where we should feel safe and comfortable any time of the day or year. This is possible only if the places where we reside are healthy, free of hazardous substances and if they have a pleasant climate.



GUTEX wood fibre insulation makes your dwelling pleasantly habitable by perfectly balancing humidity.



1. Humidity absorption and storage

Moisture storage capacity


GUTEX wood fibre insulation boards can absorb up to 15% of their weight in moisture without the loss of their insulation capacity. When the air is dry, the boards release the absorbed moisture into the living space’s air.

2. Uniform distribution of humidity

Capillary action

Capillary active insulation systems have the ability to transport water in its liquid form (condensation, moisture ingress, e.g. water vapour), helping to avoid high accumulations of moisture and subsequent damage. 

3. Moisture releasing action

Diffusion openness

Vapour diffusion describes the movement of moisture, in this case, through a building element’s cross section, from the side with greater to the side with lower pressure. Since GUTEX’s insulation material is diffusion-open, it allows the passage of a high volume of water vapour, keeping elements dry while preserving them from damage caused by moisture, and eliminating the need for chemicals to protect the wood! 

The “Gore-Tex Effect”

Diffusion-open insulation facilitates the passing of dampness in building element cross sections through and out of elements, allowing them to dry thoroughly, while the hydrophobic sarking board repels the ingression of moisture from without. This weatherproof, breathable function is not unlike that of Gore Tex. 

Shown here with GUTEX Ultratherm sarking board, breather membrane from GUTEX System partners, GUTEX Thermoflex insulation battens or GUTEX Thermofibre wood fibre blow-in insulation